1. A community worth dreaming for

Having tasted the best of the German industrial IT scene for five years, we’ve never lost sight of our goal to bring home this knowledge. Equipped with proven expertise, trustworthy partners, and lasting connections from the time abroad, contributing to the digital advancement of our beloved hometown was the next step. This marked the beginning of the Egnosis story.
And has it been a ride! Over the years, we became integral players in the region’s industrial and technological evolution. We also made it our mission to involve local and expatriate professionals in this undertaking.
Our journey is a classic example of receiving and giving: the support of our local community set us on the right path, and we wholeheartedly pulled our weight in shaping a promising future.

2. The team-wide mindset to seek increasing efficiency

at whatever we do. It might be seen as a sort of laziness, but it truly drives us nuts when we have to walk through overly repetitive tasks. Here at Egnosis, we exploit technology to optimise at the highest level possible. This urge is keeping us in the front line, making smart use of our time and help others become more effective through our software solutions.

3. Making a risky and equally ambitious decision

Back in 2009, the Global Financial Crisis took its toll on us. For a moment, we stood there with only a few projects, wondering how the young company would pull through. Then came the spark. Why not lay low for a while, and try to invest all the extra time in self-development? During the months of business uncertainty, we decided to perfect every core competency of our expertise.
We were aware that our future was in our own hands, and we would be first in line to close deals with companies that lost most of their know-how during the crisis. Spoiler ahead: it all happened exactly like that. And more importantly, the concept of building on knowledge has been defining our organisational culture ever since.

4. Receiving a phone call

As we were preparing to cross a flooded river on horseback. Stepping into the unknown takes the greatest deal of courage and trust for both horse and its rider. In this fierce moment, a hunch made us take the call. Turns out, that phone call marked the beginning of a strategic business path infusing our IT know-how with the thrilling, but all the more unexplored, field of Research & Development (R&D).
Little did we know that we were going to be the first IT company in the region to win a project funded by Horizon Europe. And we’ve got to say: the fulfilment of combatting global issues with our unique software expertise and proving ourselves in domains as delicate as healthcare is what gave us our wings.

5. Contributing to a better world

As cliché as it may sound, working in the field of R&D and IT to develop solutions that move us toward a more sustainable future is the single best way to live up to our ideals. That’s why we encourage like-minded professionals and local researchers to engage and make headway in our bioinformatics and systems medicine projects. Our team is made up of straightforward people who sometimes see the world in ones and zeros. Don’t worry, that doesn’t make us robots, it’s merely a trait that enables us to assess what is worth believing in and act accordingly.

6. Our diverse project arsenal

Thanks to the growing market demand and the ingenuity of our colleagues, we are able to take on versatile digitalisation projects on both local and global scales. Loving challenges, each of our unique undertakings is a nut we crack with excitement and anticipation as a team, always stimulated to roll onwards. These bring inspiration and enhance the motivation of the team.

7. Symbiosis within the team

Are you familiar with the proverb “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day? Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.“? Because that’s precisely how our internal dynamics aligned over time: leading and imparting our values by example is what made our team strong and cohesive. And more than that, we are driven by bringing the Egnosis vision to success, united by mutual respect and tolerance.

8. A work community that can share the memorable moments of life,

be them better or worse. We could talk about professional fulfilment all we want, but at the end of the day, it’s our teammates that make a workplace loveable. And we sure try to make the best of each day together.
Imagine one of your colleagues defending their Bachelor’s thesis in a different city, with the whole team (and a client from abroad!) showing up as a surprise, rooting for him.
Yes, that’s the spirit we nurture here at Egnosis.

9. Finding our honest, human voice

Egnosis is known for our straight, open talk, whether during a coffee break or a formal business meeting. We know that every business endeavour is started and directed by people, and that every software solution is used by people. So that makes us want to strike the right note: being free to feel and make you feel human.

10. The steady, value-based dynamics between our partners and team

Recall the relationship between a horse and its rider? How power and asserting dominance over one another is never the way to lead a lasting partnership?
Similarly, professional connections should not be determined by the balance of forces, but rather by a balance in character. Beyond professional diligence, mutual trust, respect, and the ever so meaningful sprinkle of humility is what does the trick.