Up-to-date industrial solutions.

Developing and deploying complex industrial applications and systems is not a short-term project.

A technology migration is an extremely complex task. In addition to the knowledge of the business domain, software architects must understand the operation, evolution, limitations and specificities of the system back in time. On this note, our architects can assess the technology being phased out and prepare the proposal and plan that can deliver the same functionality with the same minimum requirements for the future.

Nor can the available development capacity be scaled indefinitely, even if we have an unlimited budget. Once these systems have been deployed, it often takes years to train users, get the system up and running, and integrate it into company processes.

But the software industry is evolving at a faster pace, with technologies, methodologies, and programming languages changing frequently. It is no wonder that by the time a technology upgrade of such an architecture, often monolithic, is required, the relevant vendor or development team is no longer available. It is a situation of necessity where the customer is forced to maintain a technologically obsolete system and incorporate accelerated business demands into the system at a very high cost and effort. In such cases arises the need for technology migration and redesign.

The Egnosis team has been involved in redesigning and migrating business functionalities of several successful monolithic applications, building on our seniority and experience. This process takes a broad architectural vision, understanding of complexity, patience, meticulousness and a lot of reverse engineering. With these skills and our affinity for technology, we help our clients’ industrial solutions and systems to be sustainable and technologically innovative.

“TEAM has been working with Egnosis since 2017. Throughout our cooperation, they have been demonstrating their expertise in several projects, particularly in orchestrating complex migration projects. We appreciate the flexible and cooperative partner that Egnosis proved itself to be.”

Heike Käferle
Managing Director - TEAM GmbH Germany