The Euro/Global Platform for Drug Repurposing

A virtual, connected community in drug repurposing to foster collaboration, networking and knowledge transfer

RePo4EU is the vision of a group of long-standing collaborators in innovative drug repurposing to build a comprehensive European/global platform for validated precision drug repurposing open to stakeholders for information, multimedia training, matchmaking, and cooperation.

Drug repurposing reduces the time and costs of drug development but is often serendipitous and less effective than classical drug discovery.

Both discovery and repurposing suffer from the same knowledge gap that diseases are mechanistically not understood and are treated symptomatically in an imprecise manner. Our team of world-leading scientists overcome this through major breakthroughs in advanced bioinformatics and artificial intelligence (AI) on real-world big data to redefine diseases in a mechanism-based manner. Patients are still identified by symptoms but stratified according to the causal mechanism, the endotype.

Within 5 years, REPO4EU will establish a first-in-class coherent and innovative web-based platform for safe and efficient drug repurposing for all types of high unmet medical need indications to all European researchers and SMEs with a unique Open Science concept, ensuring global medical impact. Finally, within a 2-year interphase, REPO4EU will be converted into a sustainable European infrastructure.

The Role of Egnosis

In this ambitious project, Egnosis plays a role in the definition of the:
– Stakeholders’ requirements specification,
– The architecture of the platform,
– The complete software development lifecycle,
– As well as the implementation of the interconnections with publication systems and the development of the sustainability plan.

“A highly professional and fast delivering team on complex web-based programming needs. We worked nicely in the Horizon 2020 project REPO-TRIAL and will now expand this in the European platform project REPO4EU.”

Prof. Dr. Med. Harald H.H.W. Schmidt

Start date
01 September 2022

7 years

28 institutions from 10 countries

Horizon Europe Funding
€22.98 million

Egnosis’ Budget


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101057619