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A new era for Drug Repurposing

Mechanism-based drug repurposing is a new approach that will change how we think about medicine. It will help find new uses for drugs that are already registered, increase precision and reduce costs and time in the drug development process. This shift in thinking will make it easier to transition to clinical trials that are fit-for-purpose, innovation-driven and compliant with the highest standards in safety and operational excellence.

Discovery and repurposing face a common challenge of imprecise treatment of diseases due to a lack of mechanistic understanding. Our team of leading scientists has made significant advancements in the field of bioinformatics and artificial intelligence, leveraging big data to redefine diseases based on their underlying mechanisms. Although patients are still diagnosed based on symptoms, our approach stratifies them according to the endotype, i.e., the causal mechanism behind their illness.

In five years, REPO4EU will establish an innovative web-based platform for drug repurposing for high unmet medical need indications to European researchers and SMEs with an Open Science concept.

The Role of Egnosis

RePo4EU is the collective vision of a group of established collaborators in the field of innovative drug repurposing, aimed at creating a comprehensive European/global platform that enables validated precision drug repurposing. This platform will be open to stakeholders, providing access to information, multimedia training, matchmaking, and cooperation opportunities.

Egnosis, with its 14+ years of proven expertise in market-validated software development, serves as a bridge between science and industry, further empowering RePo4EU. In this purposeful project, we play a role in the definition of the:

  • Stakeholders’ requirements specification,
  • The architecture of the platform,
  • The complete software development lifecycle,
  • The implementation of the interconnections with publication systems and the development of the sustainability plan.
Prof. Dr. Med. Harald H.H.W. Schmidt

“A highly professional and fast delivering team on complex web-based programming needs. We worked nicely in the Horizon 2020 project REPO-TRIAL and will now expand this in the European platform project REPO4EU.”

Prof. Dr. Med. Harald H.H.W. Schmidt
REPO4EU Coordinator, Maastricht University

Project data

Start date: 01 September 2022

Duration: 7 years

Horizon Europe Funding: €22.98 million

Egnosis’ Budget: €970,625


Project coordinator: Maastricht University (Netherlands)

Participants: 28 institutions from 10 countries


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