Egnosis, as a renowned software development brand, provides IT services and solutions for various industrial sectors in Western Europe. The quality of our work is ensured by 14 years of professional experience and refined software engineers, who gained a comprehensive understanding of several major industries, allowing them to create niche solutions and solve specific challenges effectively through outstanding IT competencies.

With the acceleration of industrial digital transformation and the growing market of AI-based R&D and bioinformatics, we envision a future where high-class professionals can work together to establish a strong community and a modern entrepreneurial mentality in the heart of Romania, building on our core values: diligence, mutual respect, technical sustainability, and direct, transparent communication.



“We envision a future where high-class professionals can work together to establish a strong community and a modern entrepreneurial mentality in the heart of Romania.”

Béla Bihari
General Manager of Egnosis


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    Gnome Design Ltd.

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  • Company actives

    €1,9 million

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    €3,6 million

  • Estimated market value

    €4,5 million

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    150 MM/year

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A Good Engine Requires Strong Gears

Béla Bihari

General Manager

His dream and professional ambition is Egnosis. During his career, he spent several years in Cluj-Napoca, Budapest, and Munich, where he specialized as an IT engineer in the development and design of industrial solutions for SIEMENS, Telekom, NSN, INFINEON and BMW. Since his return to Romania in 2008, he has been a core member of the IT community in Szeklerland, in addition to managing the company.
Currently, he is the vice president of IT Plus Cluster, one of the initiators and promoters of the Digital Szeklerland conference.

Mónika Moga

Operations Manager

Mónika is the one who makes the owner’s vision come true. Economist, PhD in R&D management, a former university lecturer.
Over the last 7 years, she has tried her skills in several roles in the company: project manager, human resources manager, and person in charge of tenders. In her own words, Egnosis is much more than a working community, it is a FAMILY of people-oriented, enthusiastic, and professionally grounded IT engineers who are ready to respond to the agile challenges of the future, where you can become a digital rider.

László Debreczeni

Financial Advisor

László joined the team to define Egnosis’ investment and scaling strategy. As a financial and tax consultant, his experience and rigorous insights are crucial to supporting the financing and fiscal policy of investment and research projects.
Furthermore, this successful strategic partnership ensures the validation and audit of our business decisions from a financial perspective.


Rootless trees are easily blown down by storms. But

our roots grow deep, which is why our branches can reach high.

Having the world open wide up after the fall of the Iron Curtain in the early 90s, the founder and manager of Egnosis set out to see the world. After five years in Germany, he brought the mentality and professionalism he had gained back to his hometown of Sepsiszentgyörgy (Sfântu Gheorghe) to contribute to the digital growth of the region by building a professional community.
Over the years, this vision has grown into reality. Hitting significant milestones in our history is proof of that. But more importantly, when we celebrate reaching these milestones, we stay engaged for the long haul.


Behind the thriving business and community that Egnosis has been building through the years, a set of deep-rooted values stands steady.

Identifying and staying aligned with these values allowed us to make way for purposeful growth and consistency, both professionally and on a personal level, influencing our clients and partners to acknowledge us as trustworthy, reliable, and loyal. As a team, we share and cherish these values, each of us finding our own valid sense in them.


Scope. Time. Budget. Thanks to our working culture, this golden triangle of business is complemented by diligence, referring to the “quality” of everything we do, which is not compromised even in the most challenging situations. To achieve this, we are strict first and foremost, with ourselves. This urge is thanks to our well-defined, professional workflows and strategic partnerships largely of German interest.


Respect and trust – are two values that can take years to earn and moments to lose. Practicing these values is two-fold: towards teammates and towards clients. Our experience has shown that being a supplier in the often very conservative German market requires an understanding of the local mentality and the ability to adopt it. We value these handshakes of trust, be them with clients or colleagues, more than tens of pages of contracts. In difficult times, turbulence, and crisis situations, we represent a persistent and respectful partnership.


We think together with our clients, but we don’t jump into meeting every single expectation without thoroughly researching them. We place a higher value on the sustainability of our solutions than merely fixing a problem and delivering it. We believe it is important to assess a situation’s realities and properly map its complexity with the client. That is why we consider our competencies to surpass an IT company’s ordinary mindset.


Effective and transparent communication is a prerequisite for industrial digital transformation and scalability. Our world is agile, making it inevitable for the market and our processes to adapt. Over the years, we have faced more challenges related to communication than technical problems. Our solutions to these situations include getting to know customers and their business problems on the spot, mapping their communication skills, and setting up a common “channel”. Our proactive approach and the positive attitude of our team ensure to remove of communication blockages.