We live in the heart of the country.

Geographically and spiritually, as some might say.
Not the largest, yet the most important “engine”.

Located in the industrial agglomeration of Brașov in Romania, Sepsiszentgyörgy (Sfântu Gheorghe) is a medium-sized city in the Carpathian Mountains, 20 kilometers from the Brasov Airport. Close to the exciting business world of a big city, yet far from the distracting noise, it lies in a healthy environment with solid authority and a unique identity.

The region’s leadership and the city are formulating a development strategy for the economy based on very ambitious plans, with a change of structural mindset for 2020-2030.
One of the city’s key features is the cooperation between local actors (economic and social) to stimulate economic development. They work on projects that are adapted to the local conditions, exploring local resources. Thinking together and the joint actions among businesses, local authorities, and the people will enable the community to preserve its values and opportunities under the ever-changing local and global conditions. This is also a measure of the city’s adaptability. At the same time, it is a proactive adaptation, whereby local values, traditions, and resources are preserved and used sustainably. The needs of the local population are met in a way that is consistent with the requirements of environmental, social, and economic sustainability in the long term.

Specifics of the country and region we live in

EU membership
since 2007

Time zone

Capital city / County capital
Bucharest / Sepsiszentgyörgy (Sfântu Gheorghe)

Population of Romania / Covasna County (2023)
19.7 million / 200 thousand

ITC contribution to GDP (2023)

ITC Growth (2023)

Tax on ITC salaries