New project kickoff: dAIbetes


In a significant stride towards advancing precision medicine, a consortium coordinated by Prof. Dr. Jan Baumbach from the University of Hamburg (Germany), with 13 partners from seven countries, including Egnosis, has been awarded a prestigious Horizon Europe grant to develop a cutting-edge federated health data infrastructure. The project named “dAIbetes” is revolutionizing Type 2 diabetes care. It focuses on leveraging virtual twins as predictive tools in personalized disease management, targeting treatment outcomes in type2 diabetes. The project started on 01 January 2024. To develop virtual twins as prognostic tools for precision medicine the partners of dAIbetes will integrate extensive datasets… Continue reading New project kickoff: dAIbetes

Egnosis @Digital Seklerland Conference


On 27-28 October, we participated in the 9th edition of the Digital Seklerland Conference, organized in Odorheiu Secuiesc, Harghita. The two-day event gathered almost 300 participants from 5 countries, more than 60 speakers and experts from different domains. The event is a niche forum for the region’s development, which Egnosis has supported since the beginning. About the Digital Seklerland Conference The conference’s vision is to make Szeklerland a region where high-value-added products and services dominate the economy by 2030. Digitalization and creative industries are key to this vision. This year’s motto was “Efficiency 2.0,” which refers to new technologies, such… Continue reading Egnosis @Digital Seklerland Conference

Egnosis team building @Harghita


Organize team building because it’s trendy and beneficial, they say. Yes, we know the statistics proving that 75% of staff say teamwork and collaboration are crucial to corporate success. We also know that team building can improve work ethic and innovation up to 10 times. However, the truth is that at Egnosis, we enjoy each other’s company and take every opportunity to spend quality time with the team. And the annual Egnosis team building is just the cherry on the pie!  Challenges and mysteries This year, we participated in the umpteen teambuilding organized in a picturesque place, the coordinates were… Continue reading Egnosis team building @Harghita

About the NEXT generation


On 4th July, the Egnosis office was noisy by youngsters eager to learn about geeks’ lives and opportunities to develop in IT. The group of youngsters attended the “NEXT – beginning of the future” program, organized by our NGO partner, the Turul Office. The project provides career guidance for the youngsters of Covasna County, in collaboration with local/national coverage enterprises. Egnosis is one of these partners to put theory into practice. The two-fold challenge On one hand, for us, it is exciting to show the beauties of the profession to young people who are just about to decide which direction… Continue reading About the NEXT generation

FeatureCloud team at Egnosis


After four and a half years of collaboration in pan-European research and AI development, the FeatureCloud project team has finally arrived in Romania to hold its 10th Steering Committee meeting. For Egnosis, it was a great honor and excitement to be the local host of this meeting. We welcomed in our spectacular region leaders, researchers and coworkers of the project. The three-day stay amid wild nature surrounded by mountains boosted the team’s energy to prepare the final deliverables for the project. About the project FeatureCloud is an all-in-one platform to run, develop and publish federated and privacy-preserving machine learning algorithms…. Continue reading FeatureCloud team at Egnosis

Transylvania on the world map of bioinformatics research


Egnosis, the mid-size Transylvanian company using its software engineering experience to find inventive solutions to global medical issues, strengthens international teams of researchers and consortiums. Several years of devoted work reached a bold level by recognizing the potential of a partnership between Egnosis and Pro-Vitam Diagnostics and Research Centre, which has significant added value. While engraving Transylvania on the world map of bioinformatics research, local experts create intellectual property that benefits the local community. Digitalization, a must-have Digitalization remains the voice for cutting-edge technologies, as it is no longer an option but a crucial framework both in the private and… Continue reading Transylvania on the world map of bioinformatics research

Microb-AI-ome project kicks off!


In April, the Horizon Europe project Microb-AI-ome kicks off in Hamburg, Germany. The event was hosted by the project’s coordinator Prof. Dr. Jan Baumbach, from the University of Hamburg. Egnosis, as one of eight partner organizations, also attended the meeting. The Microb-AI-ome consortium combines expertise in CRC and its treatment, microbiomics, artificial intelligence, software development, and privacy protection to close the gap between privacy and big data in international medical research. What is Microb-AI-ome’s goal? Colorectal cancer (CRC) is the 2nd most common type of cancer in the world (WHO Global Health Estimates 2019). However, identifying CRC early improves disease… Continue reading Microb-AI-ome project kicks off!

Artwork Call by Egnosis within Design Week


If you feel the urge to unleash your creativity and want your artwork to be featured in Romania’s first passive office building in Sfântu Gheorghe, then apply for the Artwork Call by Egnosis within Design Week Sepsi 2023!Interested in the development of the world and medicine? Excited about the rapid expansion of artificial intelligence and its current applications? Have (m)any idea(s) on how to illustrate all this with artistic creation? If so, PLEASE CONTINUE READING! Who are we? Egnosis is the brand of Gnome Design SRL, a mid-size IT company from Sfantu Gheorghe, constantly evolving since 2002. In previous years… Continue reading Artwork Call by Egnosis within Design Week

FeatureCloud on HInTa 2023


Last weekend, at the 15th Informaticians Meeting on the Harghita (the HinTa), we had the opportunity to present our ongoing FeatureCloud project and share our experience with federated machine learning in bioinformatics. Students, entrepreneurs and developers – almost 100 persons attended the 15th edition of the event organized by the IT Plus Cluster. In light of digitalization, many professionals presented inspiring ideas about cutting-edge technologies, innovations and challenges. We care about future generations, so Egnosis did his part as a gold sponsor. Accordingly, we helped the Cluster to open the road for youngsters to boost their knowledge in a student-budget-friendly… Continue reading FeatureCloud on HInTa 2023

Another week, another peak!


Another week, another peak – this time, we mean it literally. Teamwork makes the dream work: last Saturday, part of the team Egnosis went out for the traditional spring trip, conquering the nearest Bodok peak at almost 1200 m high. We followed the well-marked, blue hiking trail among deciduous forests and pastures, searching for snow flowers at all costs. Since in the previous year we found only snow and ice, we hoped that finally, we could meet the namesake of the trip, the snow flower, a harbinger of spring in our region. Despite the unfortunate weather forecast, we finally get… Continue reading Another week, another peak!

Erasmus+ internship at Egnosis


At Egnosis, we take every chance to share knowledge with internship participants and future developers. It’s always refreshing to give an insight into our work with youngsters curious about the gripping world of IT&C. Therefore, we opened our office doors to six students from Esztergom, lucky attendants of the Erasmus+ internship program organized by VET Center Romania. Meanwhile, deep-diving into software development, applied AI, and several R&D projects in bioinformatics, they abided by challenges and strengthened their skills with practical knowledge. The youngsters arrived from the ESZC Bottyán János Technikum and spent their first week of internship at Egnosis. As… Continue reading Erasmus+ internship at Egnosis

Shaken, But Not Stirred: Introducing Our New Brand Identity


For the past 14 years, Gnome Design has been a faithful deliverer of high-value-added, reliable work in software development both locally and internationally. But the time has come to shake things up. That’s why we’ve created a new brand identity, positioning us more accurately under a new name to express who we’ve grown to be.So please welcome the new brand Egnosis, the worthy successor of Gnome Design. This new identity simply reflects who we are today. Our main values and continued focus on building a strong professional community remain unstirred. The Backstory With 14 years under our belts, we needed… Continue reading Shaken, But Not Stirred: Introducing Our New Brand Identity

Season-opener outdoor day


What a beautiful day for a season-opener outdoor activity! Last Saturday, a brave part of our team reached the snow-covered peak of the Bodok Mountains (approx. 1200 m). Our plan to visit the snowflower area was accomplished in about 30K steps in the pure, untouched deep snow. We decided to follow the bear steps, hoping to find the snow flowers. They were still hiding below the snow carpet, although the sun’s warmth rapidly calls them to appear. It was a hard and challenging yet breathtaking event that we promised to repeat next year too.

“Passive House” prequalification


As part of our “Investing in the future – Gnome Design 2030” project, we are proud to announce that the design of our company’s office under construction has been awarded with the “Passive House” pre-qualification made by the International Passive House Institute of Darmstadt, Germany. With this, according to our current data, from an energy consumption point of view, this office will be a unique implementation not only at the local level, but also at the level of the whole of Eastern Europe. Architectural designer: Open Works. Building engineering designer / Construction contractor: Instal-All. Structural designer / Building energy designer:… Continue reading “Passive House” prequalification

Investing in the future – Gnome Design 2030


We have collected our experience from the past ten years and dared to take the next level. In our mighty project won under the Romanian Operational Regional Program (POR 2.2), we have summarized our goals for the next ten years. We are scaling two technological strands of the project’s professional line, which primarily enables the development of industrial applications for mobile and tablet devices. On the investment line, we will build a centrally located development center, which will also be the first qualified passive industrial building of Sfantu Gheorghe.

“Surviving Chernobyl” – Hardcore teambuilding


What is really successful team building? Not just completing repeated tasks from year to year, but having a connection and a real life mission to accomplish. Moreover, stretch your boundaries, experience the team power and team action! Get to know yourself and your colleagues even in easy and challenging situations. A lifelong outdoor experience where you combine your physical and mental abilities with real-life experiences! Survive the Chernobyl disaster: challenge the Russian scientist, save your teammates, prevent the explosion, escape! Location: Csernáton / Malomkert. Experience level: priceless 🙂 . The photos speak for themselves.

Team building 2018


In June, the Egnosis team set off again for an adventure, a team building that brings out the best in the team. Due to the positive experiences of previous years, we have selected Ciumani as the venue this year too. The keywords of the event were: treasure hunting, paintball, football, table tennis, billiards and darts. This year too, we were able to participate in an action-rich and exciting program and commemorate the ten years we spent together.

Its trendy to spend your internship at Gnome Design Ltd.


This year, 15 students enrolled in the Gnome Design Summer Internship 2018 program, which offers 3 weeks of theoretical and practical training. After the applicants’ exam, 9 students received a positive assessment and started their activity. Our company believes that the improvement of the new generation is important. We believe that the resource and time spent in the practice period is a long-term investment. Our goal is to develop the best quality software, one of the basic condition being the training and education of the new generation as well. Students are involved in a newly launched project, not only in… Continue reading Its trendy to spend your internship at Gnome Design Ltd.

Applied to ROP (Regional Operational Program)


Gnome Design has successfully applied to ROP (Regional Operational Program) 2014-2020. Throughout the project, our portfolio of services will be expanded, increasing our production capacity and competitiveness both internally and internationally.

“Észműves” tent 2018


The IT Plus Cluster, one of the renowned IT communities in the central region of Romania, was present at the 27th edition of the Saint George Days. The festival held on April 2023 hosted the “Észműves” tent, a place and forum for professionals interested in innovations. As one of the founder members of the cluster and its local representative, our company set the tone of the tent topics. Gnome Design‘s CEO moderated a discussion on IT practice from school to college. Students from the Szekely Miko College, with their leader Maria Petho, a contemporary physicist, presented their internationally awarded Lego… Continue reading “Észműves” tent 2018

High school students in visit


There are many questions that may arise when choosing a career. At the initiative of the Rotary Club, eight high school students visited our company in the two days. We gave them career guidance and tips presenting the daily challenges of the programmer profession. Their feedback reveals that they appreciate the familiar, direct atmosphere and professionalism alike.

Gnome Design achieves a Microsoft Silver Application Development Competency


Gnome Design Ltd., a global outsourcing software and web application development company from Romania achieves a Microsoft Silver Application Development Competency in the Microsoft Partner Network. With more than 12 years’ experience demonstrates again its ability to meet Microsoft customers’ evolving needs, to complete a set of tests to prove the level of technology expertise of the developers and engineers. Acquiring the Silver Application Development competency will help the company define itself as a trusted expert to their customers through professional development and support of desktop and web applications built using core Microsoft technologies.

We have become Aries members


In November we have become ARIES members. ARIES is the Romanian Association for Electronic Industry and Software, the biggest and most influential organization created for the IT&C industry in Romania, having 4 branches:  Timisoara, Brasov, Cluj and Craiova.

A Team in Building


Gnome Design took part in a team building between the 10th and 13th of September. The location of this exercise ended up as Siófok, Hungary, thanks to a unanimous vote on our part. During these four days, with the help of several trainers, our team learned how to sail a boat, set up goals, perceive their position within the unit and took part in interactive programs at the Siófok Military park – learning how to use and recognize weapons and vehicles from the First and Second World War. The programs reached its goal: our team spent the long weekend in a good mood… Continue reading A Team in Building