Artwork Call by Egnosis within Design Week

If you feel the urge to unleash your creativity and want your artwork to be featured in Romania’s first passive office building in Sfântu Gheorghe, then apply for the Artwork Call by Egnosis within Design Week Sepsi 2023!
Interested in the development of the world and medicine? Excited about the rapid expansion of artificial intelligence and its current applications? Have (m)any idea(s) on how to illustrate all this with artistic creation? If so, PLEASE CONTINUE READING!

Who are we?

Egnosis is the brand of Gnome Design SRL, a mid-size IT company from Sfantu Gheorghe, constantly evolving since 2002. In previous years we recognized the inherent challenge in research, as well as the need for it and its benefits. In 2019, we entered the EU-funded Horizon Research Programme and have stood strong among the best researchers in Western Europe. Furthermore, we aim to be a role model for IT companies, encouraging a shift from working on outsourced projects to research and product development.

Our values

We envision a future where high-class professionals can work together to establish a strong community and a modern entrepreneurial mentality in the heart of Romania, building on our core values: diligence, mutual respect, technical sustainability, and direct, transparent communication.

Call for artists

We built a centrally located, innovative research and development center. This office building has been awarded the “Quality Assured Passive House” certificate by the International Passive House Institute of Darmstadt, Germany, the first certified achievement in Romania in the field of the energy performance of office buildings.

The green attic building blends tradition with bold architectural style, using natural and visual materials and innovation by enabling the cutting edge of modern engineering and transparent materials technology.

On the first floor of the office, the most vivid corridor of the building, an apx. 3*2 m size wall is waiting to become an expressive piece of art that represents the soul of the building and our core values. The topic should be in line with our research projects: the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning based on clinical data in the interest of novel healthcare treatment and diagnosis. You can read more about these research projects here.

Glimpses and ideas

We envision a multi-layered composition, perhaps enlightened from the background, combining traditional and modern materials and design concepts. The topic is systems medicine,  bioinformatics and artificial intelligence.

How to apply?

First, we highly recommend visiting our office to see it, feel it. You can visit us between 12 and 26 May. Previously, please check in one day before at or 0744-291-882. Next, start your prototype and send it to us latest on 9 June in a digital format, including visuals, use of materials, and technical necessities.

Prices and evaluation

The jury will evaluate your applications latest on 23 June. 

Members of the jury are:

This is the very first call to find the missing piece of art from our office. We appreciate your effort and offer the following prices for the first prototype, as it follows:

In the end, we would be more than happy to find a work that is the closest to our vision, and we could continue the cooperation in physically creating the artwork.

Important to know

The customer reserves the right not to award a prize if the jury considers that the works do not hit the proper professional level.

If the customer announces a first prize, a contract for the development of the work will be signed (if both parties agree on it).

If there are more works that are to the jury’s liking, the customer can sign multiple contracts.

Sounds interesting? Take the challenge and apply now to the Artwork Call by Egnosis within Design Week!