Local entrepreneurship

As our business and team have expanded over the years, our core values remained anchored to our organizational culture. Like a seedling that starts out with enough sunshine, rainfall, and healthy soil, our company’s balanced growth was assured by the support of the local community in a substantial measure.

Therefore, we feel that the advancement of our community depends on us as well: we believe in the power of giving back. As a professionally and humanly recognized team in our region, we play a key role in creating urban development strategies as consultants. On the one hand, we are the initiator and founder of the Entrepreneurship Advisory Council, a link between local authorities and entrepreneurs that contribute to the region’s economic development. On the other hand, we are a founding member of the IT Plus Cluster,  which has been the region’s dominant economic player in the IT sector since 2014.

Art is essential to our city’s identity and creates a vibrant community. As we said before, we believe in the power of giving back. That’s why we have made it our mission to support local artists and cultural organizations in our area. We aim to foster a thriving arts community in our area that benefits our art-lover team and also the whole community.
We regularly sponsor the Tamasi Aron Theatre, which, founded in 1948, has developed into one of Transylvania’s best-known and respected theatre ensembles. We also support the REFLEX Theatre Festival, which put our city on the map of the reference theatre events in Central and Western Europe.



Our team is made up of colleagues who chose to settle down in this place with healthy values, close to nature and full of biodiversity. We appreciate having coffee together and discussing the daily challenges of our growing children or playing foosball, but our team has a life beyond the office walls, as well.

We are keen on taking part in the town’s cultural and sports events as a group. Egnosis has its very own floorball team, the Sepsi Floorball, where we now also accept outside players.

Helping the living cells of our community and maintaining our colleagues’ mental and physical balance are the driving engine of our responsibility as a company.

László Bocsárdi

“With the help of our sponsors, we were able to implement projects and initiatives that would not have been possible from the budget of the theatre. The support of Egnosis facilitates the development of contemporary acting in Transylvania, the exchange of artistic values, and the aesthetic education of the public and new generations.”

László Bocsárdi
Director, Tamási Áron Theatre
Karl Hurtig

“Egnosis has shown year after year that they are a company that places a high focus on its employees’ mental and physical health. Sponsoring both us directly and helping their employees partake in activities we arrange. It’s always nice to meet a company that realises its employees are the most important part of their organisation.”

Karl Hurtig
Head Coach and President Sepsi Vikings FloorBall Club