Software development is a high-value-added and largely creative field which requires a meticulous engineer-like approach. It calls for persistence, attention, patience, and a constant desire to learn. And that’s just the basics. On top of these comes the structured mindset, the daily practice of diligence, the focus on efficiency, technical project planning, monitoring, and then analysis.

It’s not an easy field of work. One of the biggest challenges in our globalised, automated, and interconnected world is attracting and employing colleagues with the ability to see through complexity.

Egnosis’ long-term strategy is to respond to the challenges of industrial digitalisation through the competence of colleagues who have stood tall both in complex business and professionally demanding settings.

Despite being a small company, our professional journey and high-quality deliveries confirm our ability to cover the entire “Software Development Lifecycle” workflow: industrial solutions, mobile application development, and technology migration.

The reliability requirements were defined according to EAL (Evaluation Assurance Level) 2+ form and are solely based on the warranty components of the ISO / IEC 15408-3 standard. The product has been evaluated according to the CERT-IBT01 certification program.

Having a rigorous engineer-like mentality, we are constantly in an effort to use digital technology to elevate existing operating processes and business models, and ultimately, to optimise how various resources are spent. Therefore, our product portfolio consists of tools that help companies make smart use of their time, keep projects and productions on track, and deliver the desired results.

2015 Microsoft Silver Application Development

Since 2015, Egnosis has been a continued and trusted partner of Microsoft through the “Microsoft Partner” programme. The “Silver” certification attests that our colleagues have successfully received professional training in Microsoft .NET technology.

2015 Microsoft Silver Application Development