Egnosis has recognised the inherent challenge in research, as well as the need for it and its benefits. In 2019, we have entered the EU funded Horizon Research Programme and have stood strong among the best researchers in Western Europe. We see it as our mission to encourage expatriate researchers to return home and to engage them in bioinformatics projects with competitive salaries.

We aim to be a role model for IT companies, encouraging a shift from working on outsourced projects to research and product development. At the same time, we are committed to retaining intellectual property rights through research and thereby creating value, especially for bioinformatics and healthcare.
In the ranking of leading companies in the category of R&D and High-Tech, aggregated by the Covasna Chamber of Commerce and Industry in view of financial indicators and the number of employees, Egnosis has been ranked first for five years in a row.

This result is testimony to the recognition of the leading role we play in our region by professional and business organisations.

cloud communication

An all-in-one platform to RUN, DEVELOP & PUBLISH federated & privacy-preserving machine learning algorithms.

We envision a future in which doctors can easily and safely store, access, and manage primary medical patient data.

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The Euro/Global Platform for
Drug Repurposing

A virtual, connected community in drug repurposing to foster collaboration, networking and knowledge transfer.

REPO4EU is the vision of a group of long-standing collaborators in innovative drug repurposing to build a comprehensive European/global platform for validated precision drug repurposing open to stakeholders for information, multimedia training, matchmaking, and cooperation.

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Medical care through optimised
health data management

Optimising data curation & publishing processes for unstructured medical data by orchestrating complementary AI technologies into a virtual assistant. AIDAVA can play a major role in preventive care (longitudinal health record of cardiovascular patients at risk of sudden cardiac arrest) and in making the treatments more effective (breast cancer registries federated across hospitals).

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Federated AI for privacy-preserving
international stratification
of colorectal cancer patients

Identifying CRC early enables better treatment options. With Microb-AI-ome, we will develop a novel kind of computational stratification technology to enable microbiome-enhanced precision medicine of CRC.
Our consortium combines expertise in CRC and its treatment, microbiomics, artificial intelligence, software development, and privacy protection to close the gap between privacy and big data in international medical research.

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Revolutionizing Type 2 Diabetes Care

In pursuit of its objectives, dAIbetes aims to achieve personalized prediction of treatment outcomes for patients with type 2 diabetes. This prevalent condition affects 1 in 10 adults globally!

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