Production Tracking

Reduce pressure, increase productivity!

Our Flowtrack product is a real-time production tracking system for small and medium-sized enterprises, production units and production lines.

What is your daily raw material consumption?

When can we deliver a specific order?

Which team was/is most efficient in a given production phase?

Answer these questions with FlowTrack and make responsible decisions based on real-time reports and data tracking.

Your benefits

  • HR allocation optimisation
  • Escalation of material and inventory usage
  • Efficiency and quality improvement by analysing machine and process performance data in real-time
  • Elimination of unnecessary downtime by identifying production and maintenance issues before they become real problems
  • Reduced production tracking costs

Basic Functionalities

  • Customer management
  • Offer and order management
  • Stock management
  • Production and workflow monitoring
  • Real-time raw material consumption
  • Activity tracking
  • Invoicing
  • Packaging and delivery support
  • Forecasts and reports