Another week, another peak!

Another week, another peak – this time, we mean it literally. Teamwork makes the dream work: last Saturday, part of the team Egnosis went out for the traditional spring trip, conquering the nearest Bodok peak at almost 1200 m high.

We followed the well-marked, blue hiking trail among deciduous forests and pastures, searching for snow flowers at all costs. Since in the previous year we found only snow and ice, we hoped that finally, we could meet the namesake of the trip, the snow flower, a harbinger of spring in our region. Despite the unfortunate weather forecast, we finally get the best of both worlds. We found fields of delicate snow flowers on our trail, and the sunny weather made the little campfire and bacon grilling even more enjoyable. The view from the top was a great experience, as we could see almost clearly some of the higher mountains of the Carpathian and the well-known hilltops in our neighborhood, such as Murgó.

After some rest, we descended to Sepsibodok village through the valley of the Talamér stream, sometimes unwillingly following bear families’ footsteps. On the go, we filled our bottles with spring water and filled our bodies and mind with freshness. 

We made 15 km and more than 25k steps with joy and endurance – even by the littlest ones. We look forward to organizing the tour again, so let’s meet at the top next year!
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