Shaken, But Not Stirred: Introducing Our New Brand Identity

For the past 14 years, Gnome Design has been a faithful deliverer of high-value-added, reliable work in software development both locally and internationally. But the time has come to shake things up. That’s why we’ve created a new brand identity, positioning us more accurately under a new name to express who we’ve grown to be.
So please welcome the new brand Egnosis, the worthy successor of Gnome Design. This new identity simply reflects who we are today. Our main values and continued focus on building a strong professional community remain unstirred.

The Backstory

With 14 years under our belts, we needed a brand to reflect who we are today while holding on to the roots we started with.
It’s fair to say that so much is new, but so much more remains the same. The brand Egnosis is built on a solid foundation of everything we’ve done up until now. We’ve simply taken those experiences and used them to convey who we are more profoundly. And it’s been a real emotional rollercoaster for us (in the best possible way).
Besides our name, we’ve changed our logo, got a new tagline, launched a new website, updated our social media accounts, refined our messaging, and given expression to our emerging professional focus in Research and Development.

Change Comes From Within

No matter how much we loved our old name, Gnome Design did not do us justice, as it often gave way to misinterpretation. Egnosis (pronunciation: /ɛgnəʊsɪs/), on the contrary, carries the essence of the company in more than one way.
The Greek word gnosis means “knowledge”, and it’s also the base of terms related to healthcare, such as diagnosis and prognosis. This part describes our proficiency and engagement in bioinformatics and systems medicine. The prefix e represents “engineering” as a denotation of the meticulous and diligent way we like to work in.

E (engineering)
+ gnosis (knowledge)
= Egnosis (a team of software engineers mastering the area of Research and Development)

Inspired by science. Driven by IT.
Besides complementing the name, the new tagline of Egnosis highlights the brand’s mission clearly and succinctly. It has the role of evidentiating our technology profile, the top-notch expertise we represent, and the humanity in our way of work, including being a forerunner in Research and Development projects.

The Future in Research and Development

Egnosis has recognized the inherent challenge in Research & Development. In 2019, we entered the Horizon Europe Research Programme and stood strong among Western Europe’s best researchers. Our debut project is developing the FeatureCloud artificial intelligence (AI) platform that will revolutionize scientific data usage and radically transform healthcare for the better.
After such a promising start, we can proudly say that we’re moving up the professional ladder in research informatics, and we needed the new brand to reflect this accurately. We’re about to take on the challenge of working on a set of new and exciting R&D projects funded by Horizon Europe. To give you a little teaser: one project aims to establish an online platform in Europe for precision drug repurposing, and the other project’s primary goal is to develop a virtual assistant for medical data curation and publication.
On the same note, Egnosis sees it as its mission to encourage expatriate researchers to return home and to engage them in bioinformatics projects with competitive salaries. We aim to be a point of reference for IT companies, encouraging a shift from working on outsourced projects to research and product development. At the same time, we are committed to retaining intellectual property rights through research and thereby creating value.

Digitally Excellent. Excellently Human.

Our journey in the world of science does not end by delivering our complex undertakings. We aim to transfer these innovative technologies into the world of industrial digitalization, be it machine learning, blockchain technologies, or artificial intelligence.
More than that, we believe that technology should be put in the service of a greater good, the advancement of society. By the end of the day, technology is here to serve us, not the other way around. Thus, as a company, we have the responsibility to maintain the balance between technology and the human community and infuse our services’ benefits into the living cells of the community surrounding us. The new brand Egnosis is designed to capture and emphasize how the two worlds – tech and human – can exist in symbiosis.