“Észműves” tent 2018

The IT Plus Cluster, one of the renowned IT communities in the central region of Romania, was present at the 27th edition of the Saint George Days. The festival held on April 2023 hosted the “Észműves” tent, a place and forum for professionals interested in innovations. As one of the founder members of the cluster and its local representative, our company set the tone of the tent topics.

Gnome Design‘s CEO moderated a discussion on IT practice from school to college. Students from the Szekely Miko College, with their leader Maria Petho, a contemporary physicist, presented their internationally awarded Lego project. Firstly, Ábel Vörös, the youngest science club member, presented his remote-controlled lego car equipped with atmospheric physics sensors and many extra capabilities. After that, the eleventh-grade students followed, who presented a 3D tank printer made of lego. The tank sends data via Bluetooth to a personally developed printer to draw the described trajectory of the tank. Furthermore, the young scientists disposed of their LEGO innovations under the “Észműves” tent so that anyone could observe them closely and even try them. You can also take a look at the pictures captured at the event.

What’s more, after the interesting presentation, a thought-captivating discussion followed about the possibilities of IT practice. Students, teachers and entrepreneurs shared their thoughts about growing in this field of professions, starting from an early age. It is important to share ideas among professionals, but we also promote listening to the Z generation as well. We easily found common groundings and had a refreshing change of ideas about the topic.

The “Észműves” tent, as its Hungarian name shows, is about creative industries, demand and curiosity for innovations of our brain. Overall, this edition of the Észműves” tent innovative brand was as exciting as we geeks like it.