Its trendy to spend your internship at Gnome Design Ltd.

This year, 15 students enrolled in the Gnome Design Summer Internship 2018 program, which offers 3 weeks of theoretical and practical training. After the applicants’ exam, 9 students received a positive assessment and started their activity.

Our company believes that the improvement of the new generation is important. We believe that the resource and time spent in the practice period is a long-term investment. Our goal is to develop the best quality software, one of the basic condition being the training and education of the new generation as well.

Students are involved in a newly launched project, not only in the development but also in our daily processes and environments.

Our mentors have selected the latest technology after a detailed analysis:

We planned on October 1st to release the first version of the application developed with the help of the students. The theme is top-secret!