Egnosis team building @Harghita

Organize team building because it’s trendy and beneficial, they say. Yes, we know the statistics proving that 75% of staff say teamwork and collaboration are crucial to corporate success. We also know that team building can improve work ethic and innovation up to 10 times. However, the truth is that at Egnosis, we enjoy each other’s company and take every opportunity to spend quality time with the team. And the annual Egnosis team building is just the cherry on the pie! 

Challenges and mysteries

This year, we participated in the umpteen teambuilding organized in a picturesque place, the coordinates were kept in secret until the last minute. Many others followed this first mystery, and the most exciting was the revelation of the insider of a foreign spy organization.

Participants worked in small teams to perform seven physical, mental, and creative challenges. Now we know that stilt walking is not as easy as it looks, and a multiplayer table tennis game can also test endurance. We played bubble soccer, paintball and took a buggy ride through field roads and streams, where almost everyone got splashed in the crazy stream-rides. (If so, however, the late-night outside hot tub bathing solved this.) Finally, the small teams threw their achievements into the joint to be able to open a suitcase containing crucial evidence of the spy’s identity. After some uncertainty, we managed to reveal the spy, and further on, we tried to strengthen communication within the team to avoid similar risky situations. In the afternoon, the whole team worked together to find the well-hidden first aid kit by reaching the top, literally and figuratively- when it comes to teamwork.

The event was not about competition but cooperation and learning from each other. We had the opportunity to share our experiences, insights and feedback with our teammates and other teams. We also had time to relax and have fun, enjoying the local cuisine, spa and music at Magic Harghita Resort. Speaking of music, we are more than proud of our Egnosis band, who provided the evening concert and laid the foundation for the party mood. The Egnosis band always surprises us with their development and wide-spectrum musical repertoire.

The story goes on

The team building event was a great success, again, as after returning home, participants reported that they had much fun, learned new things about each other, improved their skills, and most of all, deepened their friendships.  

If you also like such good get-togethers, consider joining Egnosis. We are looking for senior IT researchers, by the way.