RExPO24 in Munich

Munich has not only been whizzing about the EURO2024 championship but also systems medicine, as last week hosted RExPO24, the 3rd International Conference on Systems Medicine, AI & Drug Repurposing, uniting experts and participants to form a robust drug-repurposing community. The Egnosis delegation was also present at the event. Besides, our colleague Balázs Orbán delivered a captivating presentation on the potential of precision drug repurposing through the RePo4EU unified platform.

The RePo4EU unified platform

Within REPO4EU, the Horizon Europe-funded research project, we aim to establish a first-in-class coherent and innovative web-based platform for safe and efficient drug repurposing for all types of high unmet medical need indications to all European and worldwide researchers and stakeholders with a unique Open Science concept, ensuring global medical impact.

The platform will offer advanced integrations, tools, and connections to existing systems for smooth data flow and accessibility, supported by user-friendly applications and workflows for testing ideas.

Besides this, the launch of Drug Repurposing Central marks a significant milestone in advancing Open Science for the drug repurposing community, as it will guide the community towards more open practices and standards.

Our project lead, Balázs Orbán, presented a sneak preview of the platform’s status, showcasing the user interface and core features, like matchmaking, decision trees, drug repurposing workflow, and various integrated research databases and resources. To further enlarge the platform’s spectrum and avoid duplication of data and resources, a plan to synergize with existing research infrastructures and entities/institutions was also presented. 

Impressions on RExPO24

Béla Bihari, CEO of Egnosis claimed that “The concept and landscape of drug repurposing represent a new vision that is revolutionizing the pharmaceutical industry and market. It’s fascinating to see how many different disciplines and actors contribute to this transformative process. It’s like assembling a puzzle, where every piece of expertise is essential in crafting the state-of-the-art platform and overall architecture. It is fascinating and at the same time a huge responsibility for us.

As project lead Balázs Orbán puts it, “It was a well-organized conference. The presentations covered the entire spectrum of drug repurposing with an attentive and engaged audience, including the EC representative and the scientific lead of co-project REMEDi4ALL, funded under the same call. Overall, RePo4EU is a challenging project in terms of the huge team effort from the consortium, and it will really be Unleashing the Potential of Precision Drug Repurposing Through a Unified Platform – as the title of my presentation projected”.

If you want to learn more about the topics covered and read the abstracts submitted by the speakers, visit the RExPO Conference Series on Drug Repurposing Central, curated via ScienceOpen.