About the NEXT generation

On 4th July, the Egnosis office was noisy by youngsters eager to learn about geeks’ lives and opportunities to develop in IT. The group of youngsters attended the “NEXT – beginning of the future” program, organized by our NGO partner, the Turul Office. The project provides career guidance for the youngsters of Covasna County, in collaboration with local/national coverage enterprises. Egnosis is one of these partners to put theory into practice.

The two-fold challenge

On one hand, for us, it is exciting to show the beauties of the profession to young people who are just about to decide which direction to take in their university studies. In the one-day training, our colleagues presented snapshots from our industrial software development, research projects, business development and our PR and marketing activities. 

On the other hand, seeing the threads they can relate to most in such a multi-faceted and multi-level IT company activity was the greatest challenge. 

Besides learning about IT, they could also have some fun with AI, creating images about their ideal future workplace. You can check the results right here

Their feedback

Talking about our profession for youngsters was truly energizing, and it looks like it was helpful for them too. Here are some of their feedback:

I think I enjoyed the most at the IT company. I gained the most experience from there, and it was important to me that they provided us with such a clean and precise program, including all the important things. It was great to participate and learn what modern things are in our city.”

“I really liked the program, I got access to information that I wouldn’t have the opportunity to get anywhere else. In addition, I got to know a very motivating and accepting community.”

“I was able to talk to people who really love their profession and told me honestly about it.”

“Egnosis took it very seriously and gave good presentations. They were partly talking about their programs, but I didn’t feel like it was showing off. They were interesting and willing to answer all our questions. It’s clear that they care and want to deal with young people. I think they would be a good choice next time as well, possibly with even more practice.”

What’s NEXT? 

Our door is always open to enthusiastic youngsters determined to learn and develop their skills. We launch our Egnosis summer internship program every year, designed to provide university students with valuable practical work experience. A phrase from a conversation in Cluj-Napoca: “It’s not easy to get into Egnosis! They truly give everything they’ve got.” And that is true! Just as at our Turul Office partner, quality always comes before quantity. Due to our limited capacity, we have a placement test and a personal interview to evaluate applicants. With this well-established structure and process, we welcome applications from those who take the internship seriously. 

Digitally excellent. Excellently human.

In addition, although the internship is aimed at university students, we care about schools as well, always thrilled to welcome them in our green attic office house and share with them the Egnosis vibes. We have a strong desire for continuous development, and whenever possible, we seize the opportunity to plant seeds for the growth of the next generation.

These initiatives significantly benefit the younger generation and equip the NEXT generation with valuable insights through community career guidance programs. Congratulations to the Turul Office for their exceptional programs of such great value!